Vijay Rasikan killed by Electricity attack near shrimushnam

Posted by Nila on Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sethiyathope, June 21 -

Cuddalore district Sozhatharam Anna Nagar , laborer Sekar . 
His son Prashant (age 20), an ardent fan of actor Vijay.

Prashant and  few fans decided to celebrate the birthday of their favorite actor Vijay.  They arrange all things for functions

In the area last night, they were involved in outreach work in the Vijay  digital banner. Drill steel pole while attempting to dig a hole to put the digital banner at the top end of the column touch the mains.

Prashant, who took second on the iron pole to re-fired electricity. It is a pity that the young man was killed on the spot and the body will get burnt. Luckily survived other fans.

Prasad's family knew about the incident, relatives brought alariyatittu. View Prashant's body, causing them wept in sympathy.

Sozhatharam police inspector Murali, recovered the bodies of young men Prasad is conducting an investigation.

God will not reach his soul rest in peace!

By Vijay Fans
Tamil Nadu

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